Zin-Zang,Yin-Yang Album Cover

Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the past few years, Holy Joe and the Rev. Chuck have been busy developing state-of-the-art video entertainment products and have not had the time to devote to their music... Until now!

It is therefore with great pleasure to present to you an early peek at their latest musical project still under development.

Tentatively titled "The Zin, the Zang, the Yin and the Yang" it is a bold, fun, positive and future looking statement about life, love and its possibilities. Once again, Holy Joe and the Rev. Chuck have pushed the creative boundaries with their new compilation of songs and yet another evolutionary leap forward in form, function and quality.

Over the course of several years, Holy Joe Rock and Roll and his brother The Rev. Chuck have been creating and experimenting with music. As a natural result of their hard work and dedication, they have developed their own unique "sound" which has evolved as they have grown as artists in their own right.

Please listen to the online Real Audio 3 samples below:

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Intro-Grap the Weiner!

Alex's Lackey

Byte of the Alligator

The Next Rub's up to You

Rollin' White Trash

Salesmen of Doom

Spread the News

Too Close to the Edge

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